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Management Software Example


Our goal for the IT service provider Special-Solutions was to develop an efficient software for resource planning.

The back office should be able to assign projects to each employee and to sort the employees according to their project managers. Each employee can then access the program via his login credentials and view his weekly plan or the assignments of the associated workers of the same project.

In addition, the timesheets were digitized and personal data and documents can now be entered independently by the employees into the company system. Further functions such as the generation of evaluations and reminder e-mails in the event of a change in planning continue to improve the program.

Management Software Example


The company Special Solutions GmbH now has a universal system that can be accessed from anywhere in parallel and which optimally maps their individual workflow.

Through the independent entry of working hours by the employees, efficient summaries and evaluations, as well as constant availability and backups, efficiency in management and accounting was optimized and communication between the back office and employees was automated.

"We can recommend M-to-B software development [...]! The M-to-B team has developed a project management software for our employees that is tailored to our needs."

- Special Solutions GmbH


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