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Clubz is your network for party planning and club research Find events and clubs in your area, discover your friends' parties and share your events.







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Find events in your area

With Clubz you can filter events by location and date, so you can always see where the next party is taking place. Get all important information such as tickets and dress code at a glance and compare different events to find the best one.

See your friends' plans

You can see what events your friends are attending and make plans with them. Discover who you can meet at which party and where your friends are going next.

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All important information at a glance

Receive all information about each event, such as time, place, description, tickets, dress code and much more. Stay up to date and choose the best party for you.

Organize your parties

Create events yourself and share them with your guests. Give them all information at a glance and see who suits your event. You can also share your parties outside of the Clubz app and reach anyone you want.


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After we included all features and you are happy with the results, there are different ways for your app to go. Either we hand you the finished product and you go on with the journey by yourself or we accompany you further through the placement in the app store or the maintenance of your app.
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