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Does your company reach its limits with standard software?
There is no app for your requirements yet?

With tailor-made software solutions, you automate your processes in a future-proof manner and invest in long-term efficiency.

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Individual Software

Why Individual Software?

Standard software often cannot be adapted exactly to your needs and costs nerves, time and money, especially for growing companies.

Individual software, on the other hand, is specially developed and tailored for your company and is precisely adapted to your processes and requirements.

As a result, efficiency and performance can be increased many times over, while at the same time safety gets improved. With professional support in strategy, development and support of individual software, you take your business to the next level.

Individual Software

The Lean Prototype Method

The development of individual software solutions can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful - but it doesn't have to be!

With the lean prototype method, the focus is on the return of investment for your company and unnecessary functions that nobody really uses are avoided.

You will be accompanied step-by-step by experts and after just a few weeks you will be able to use the first lean prototype of your software in your company. No more lengthy and costly developments.

Tailored to your Requirements

Improve Efficiency and Performance

Strengthen Security

Software Agency

Why our Software Agency?

We focus on communication - In our projects, we have found that the success of your software depends on us understanding your goal correctly instead of blindly executing the development. Therefore, you are supported not only during development, but above all in planning of your software by the right experts.

You have the opportunity for frequent consultation and brainstorming together, whereby we help you to take the right steps towards your goal.

In our relaxed initial meeting, you can have your questions answered and get a foretaste of working with our experts.


A selection of our projects:

Special Solutions GmbH
Universität Leipzig
ZLS Leipzig
Universitätsklinikum Leipzig
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Special Solutions GmbH
Universität Leipzig
ZLS Leipzig
Universitätsklinikum Leipzig
UPMC Pittsburgh
K&S GmbH


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A flat-rate estimate without detailed information is difficult in app development. The majority of our customers' app projects have a budget between €12,000 and €35,000. To get an idea for your app in advance, you can use our app budget calculator.
To give our costumers information about the state of the app developing process, we rely on extensive individual communication. Thereby, we create a transparent and comprehensive workflow.
After we included all features and you are happy with the results, there are different ways for your app to go. Either we hand you the finished product and you go on with the journey by yourself or we accompany you further through the placement in the app store or the maintenance of your app.
Yes. Of course that depends on the size of your project and our current utilization of the team but normally we can realize your ideas without any delay!

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